AT Safety Training Will Be Closing Until April 3, 2020. We Will Evaluate the Situation on a Weekly Basis

St. John Ambulance, Heart and Stroke, and Red Cross have advised to cease all face to face classes. Audiometric Test, Respiratory Fit Tests, Drug Tests are uninterupted. They can be booked by calling the office.

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AT Safety Training has moved to our new location at 17 Strathmoor Drive, Sherwood Park.

Bear Awareness
AIP Wildlife Intermediate Level 2

Certified by AIP (Accident Injury Prevention)
Suncor and Government of Alberta Approved Training

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Here at ATSafety Training We:

Emphasize safe attitudes
Routinely exceed industry standards
Maximize students’ hands-on time
Strive to accommodate your schedule

Our Most Popular Safety Courses

First Aid Courses

To learn to recognize and provide intervention for life-threatening emergencies until medical aid arrives and to also provide assistance to anyone in need of basic medical attention.


This course is intended for all workers who could be exposed to hydrogen sulphide (H2S). The primary focus is to help people work safely in and around H2S environments.

Industrial Fall Protection

The focus of the course will be to increase awareness of potential hazards and an awareness of the legislation governing this important aspect of individual safety.

Global Ground Disturbance

The focus of this course will be to ensure that personnel are familiar with and fully understand all the regulations and variances involved when a ground disturbance takes place.

These are just some of the 30+ courses we offer.

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Welcome to AT Safety Training

At ATSafety Training Inc. “we like what we do” which is providing our clients with the most up-to-date safety training.

When students leave our facility at the end of the course, they have a clear and concise understanding of the course material and equipment that they were trained on.  We strive to ensure that students get the knowledge needed even if this means working one-on-one with students for a longer period of time.  This is part of our commitment to safety and excellence.

AT Safety Training is Dedicated to Your Success

Here's how we ensure you get the most out of our training programs.

Emphasize Safe Attitudes
Routinely Exceed Industry Standards
Maximize Students’ Hands-on Time
Strive to Accommodate Your Schedule

“Our company proudly employs an Enform Evaluating Instructor.  A certified Evaluating Instructor is authorized to facilitate instructor training Observations and Co-teaches, as well as to perform instructional performance Evaluations. All evaluation tasks must be arranged, however, directly by the Enform Evaluations division.”

Fusion Safety Services Ltd. is a Learning Provider Licensed and Accredited by OSSA and Keyano College. To register in the OSSA-BSO training course and to find out the locations where it is offered, please go on


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Notice to Students

In a effort to ensure the Health & Safety of both our workers, and our clients we will be closed until April 6, 2020. At this time we will reassess weekly as needed.

Certifications from Energy Safety Canada, St. John Ambulance, Heart & Stroke, Red Cross have been extended as per AB Occupational Health & Safety.

Red Cross - if expired March through June 2020 will be extended 90 days past the their expiry date.

St. John Ambulance - if expired after March 17, 2020
Extended 90-days past expiry.

Energy Safety Canada - new expiry date issued September 1, 2020 for anything expiring Jan 1,2020 to Sept 1,2020.

Heart & Stoke - new expiry date issued is July 31, 2020 for anything expiring March 2020 to May 2020.

To our clients if supporting documentation is required for employers please contact our office directly.

We also have blended options that allow for immediate certification for 6 months. With this notice released yesterday, there is nothing that training centers should/can call essential.

We will maintain fit testing, drug testing as essentials by appointment and  will be doing respirator fit tester courses by video conferencing.

Please do not hesitate to call us, as our phones will be answered as usual 7 days a week.

From the entire team of AT Safety we ask you to please Stay Safe, do your part and let’s flatten the curve together!

Bruce & Veronica