Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus & Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus (SCBA & SABA)

Notice to Students

In a effort to ensure the Health & Safety of both our workers, and our clients we will be closed until April 6, 2020. At this time we will reassess weekly as needed.

Certifications from Energy Safety Canada, St. John Ambulance, Heart & Stroke, Red Cross have been extended as per AB Occupational Health & Safety.

Red Cross - if expired March through June 2020 will be extended 90 days past the their expiry date.

St. John Ambulance - if expired after March 17, 2020
Extended 90-days past expiry.

Energy Safety Canada - new expiry date issued September 1, 2020 for anything expiring Jan 1,2020 to Sept 1,2020.

Heart & Stoke - new expiry date issued is July 31, 2020 for anything expiring March 2020 to May 2020.

To our clients if supporting documentation is required for employers please contact our office directly.

We also have blended options that allow for immediate certification for 6 months. With this notice released yesterday, there is nothing that training centers should/can call essential.

We will maintain fit testing, drug testing as essentials by appointment and  will be doing respirator fit tester courses by video conferencing.

Please do not hesitate to call us, as our phones will be answered as usual 7 days a week.

From the entire team of AT Safety we ask you to please Stay Safe, do your part and let’s flatten the curve together!

Bruce & Veronica